Saturday, 29 June 2013

It's all about the cheese

Being a somewhat of an unusual person (to which the 2095 stands loud and proud) I set myself challenges at each market I attend.

This particular challenge was to identify how many different types of cheese could be found in one locale.

The chosen "target" was a small yet village'y-green location in that most accommodating postcode zone of 2011: where the cool hang out, where the hungover obtain much needed sustenance, and where basically it's nice to simply watch the world go by.  

Whilst not the avid consumer of cheese these days, it does tend to have its own art form once captured by the lens and there have been times when the 2095 simply must succumb and taste and NEVER at any stage to be disappointed!

It must also be noted that while there appear to be quite a few of the "blue" (aka stinky) cheese, each has it's individual taste and location of production

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