Sunday, 23 June 2013

Vince's Veggies

Vince's Veggies, a set by john_photo2097 on Flickr.
Every once in a while someone special comes in to your life and for me, that was Vince.

Every Sunday at start of Market, mid way through market and end of market we would always have a giggle about goings on, talk about life the universe and everything and with his wisdom he guided me emotionally if I was down, joked if I was being "smart", but above all he was there always ready to listen.

I wanted sooo much for him to meet my Uncle Tony as they were incredibly similar. Maybe that's why I loved Vince so much.

Perhaps it was because he was of the old school where as long as you did him right he would do you right.

My heart aches for his family, especially his grandson with whom I collaborated to write a very special article regarding Vince a few weeks ago.

Last night the 2095 raised a toast to the man called Vince, shed quite a few tears at the loss of a beautiful human being yet feeling blessed to have had him in her life along with so many others.

Farewell my darling friend. God speed. I (like many others) will always miss and love you to the ends of time


  1. Goodbye Vince. We'll miss you.


  2. His grandson Vince is a good friend of mine and I'd heard about his grandfather often.

    1. i loved and adored that man so much. his funeral was heart wrenchingly beautiful and i have been lucky enough to count him as a friend