Monday, 24 June 2013

Nick's Orange Grove Markets Orchids

As a photographer the 2095 chick tends to select "things people wouldn't ordinarily see" even more so at markets or when out and about.  

Traditionally she is not one who gets the "ooh" and "ahhh" satisfaction from obsessively capturing leaves and trees.

However there is one particular plant that is almost impossible to resist. It is deceptively simple in its flawlessness & this is somehow magnified once viewed from behind the lens.  

Each Orange Grove market visit, the 2095 chick MUST shoot this amazing flower at all costs, and somehow is able to identify the latest addition to an already amazing collection with no prompting from Nick (dubbed The King of Orchids)

So for my friend Nick my top 10 shots of your beautiful orchids

however given it is me, be assured there will be more of Nick's gorgeous flowers and plants in blogs to come

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