Friday, 26 July 2013

Just enough for one

Whilst not necessarily a devotee of sweetness the 2095 market chick is not immune to the odd craving.

One of the delights she has discovered in her market travels is the "raw" and "gluten free" side of sweetness in today's food revolution (or should that be evolution?!). And it's not something to be poo-poo'd at.  Not at all! 

For these beauties taste sublime....not like in the good old days when if it wasn't main-stream it tasted permanently like cardboard and if it was destined to be "sweet" it more than likely had an overdose of saccharine....deeeelightful!

Having got that off her chest, the 2095 market chick would like to show off treats, sweets and all things naughty and even better than that: treats designed just for one!

ps: bet you can't guess which is the raw and gluten free....go on!  give it a daring!

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