Friday, 19 July 2013's the new "black"

There is no doubt for this market chick that the singularly most sought after, photographed and talked about "super food" or in this case "super veg" is kale.  

As a photographer this vegetable is sensational to capture due to the various life forms it can take whether it be edible or decorative or even as the "drink".  

The adage "if it's green then it must be good for you" takes on an entirely new life form.  Kids are drinking, adults adore it, gardens love it, nutritionists can't sing its praises highly enough.

What is it about this nature's wonder that is (to the market chick's mind at least) has it at Number 1 for however many millions of consecutive months of the vegetable chart.

So as not to be left off the bandwagon the market chick felt duty bound to partake in the celebration known as Kale...... et voila!


  1. Gorgeous pics.
    Thanks for finding my photos of orange grove markets on Instagram. I've added you to my blog roll so I can check in regularly from 2041!

  2. well the postcodes must stick together for when there is but the fibreoptics in between it's like there is no distance at all! (ps: thanks for the comment and follow...truly appreciate)