Friday, 24 May 2013

Chatswood's Hidden Nirvana

Before I start, I must once again preface this blog as being in retrospect with photos having been taken on my (then fairly new) iphone.  Whilst not perfect, it is what it is, and I assure you the experience was exactly that.....perfect!

Also, as it has been a few years since my encounter, there will be additions to this little pocket of glory (note to self: must get back post haste!)

It was a fairly cold winter's day and for once the 2095'er had absolutely no trouble with finding her way to the 2067.  Even better, she knew exactly where the car should be parked AND where to find "the tunnel" (well as we all know it's actually an bridge but hey, i like the word tunnel and it's my blog, so tunnel it is!)

Successfully crossed, it became time find these markets, which shouldn't have been particularly difficult given the HUGE sign attached to the school's perimeter. 

But my navigation prowess was soon put to the test .  For seeing the sign was one thing, actually finding the entry was entirely different circumstance. 

What can I say....been quite a while since the 2095'er set foot on the asphalt.

Enough of the rhetoric!  

Upon finally sourcing and then actually entering the school grounds, I found what can only be termed an organic nirvana in an otherwise frantic traffic intersection.  

Far from the madding crowd, with the gentle sound of birds twittering and the breeze through the camphor laurel trees (who, it must be noted, were toasty warm) I discovered, what I would define, Chatswood's best kept Saturday Secret!

Naturally, first order of the day was to order and then scoff (in no particular order) coffee and one of those bacon & egg rolls (using free range eggs of course!) whose aroma was mouth-wateringly enticing.

Duly sated and sitting at a table placed to embrace the winter sun, I observed quite a few folk using the school as a short-cut. Many of whom appeared to have a somewhat expression of surprise, and were heard to utter "Oh!  I had NO idea this was here".  

Not wanting to sound smug and superior having only just discovered it myself, I set about engaging my companion in a discussion with a tone just loud enough to be heard: "what a fantastic place to buy fresh fruit & veg!" 

Another delightful scene (and apologies for the lack of photographic skills) was spotting Greenpeace setting up "shop".  A most worthy cause and in an organic market?  Marriage made in heaven by my standards.

With that, it became time to meander home with my bag full to the brim of organic goodies.

A toute a l'heur Chatswood Markets and I promise to return soon!

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