Sunday, 19 May 2013

Double Bay Festival 2012

Last year I was lucky enough to not just attend but be part of the Double Bay Festival.

The sun was out, we were there exceptionally early and by end of day was completely and utterly exhausted but in the best possible way.

We arrived and there was but a few sounds of birds tweeting to greet the day, gates and witches hats being put in to place, meeting up with co-workers, setting our walkie-talkies to the correct channel then playing with them liked kids (breaker breaker...are you there) and at last the most important activity occurred : coffee!

Once duly scoffed or quaffed it was ON.

Directing stallholders to their positions, ensuring safety measures were in place at all times, repeating ourselves to the point of tongues being swollen, coordinating with all other parties involved like the important porta-loo (which I might add were incredibly clean and continually cleaned after each use! not that you will EVER convince me to use them) and finally getting to use our toys: the walkie-talkies.

Set up done with only one or two minor hiccups and before we knew it in came the crowds and by that they kept a-coming and a-coming and even at end of day they still meandered through.

We sought refuge on the odd occasion

We danced, pranced, kept using those walkie-talkies (what can I say? it was like a TOY i tell you!) and whilst frantic had a fantastic time. My personal fave was grabbing a few of the stallholders and we danced to the Zumba

spotted some incredible sights

met some fantastic people

had some fantastic food

saw some of the cutest face painting

there were even some big toys for big boys

but the crowds kind of summed up how 
BIG this day was

it's on again this year (3rd November) so if you didn't last year, then you MUST this year, cause I will and I can't wait!

(ps: if you want to be part of this festival contact Organic Food Markets)

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