Sunday, 19 May 2013

Frenchs Forest Sunday

Now while it might seem I am writing these all in a row, I have in fact been to each market and figured well....if you've got the urge and time to write then go for it!

Frenchs Forest nestled on the Northern Beaches and close to the 2095 chick's home would have to be one of the singularly most popular (and if I am correct the original site for the OFM crew's organic market starter) destination for a Sunday.

What is a car park in a hotel/motel during the week, magically transforms in to an ENORMOUS market on Sundays.  If you get there early enough the visual is quite extraordinary.  A seemingly endless stream of car headlights making their way in to set up stall or shoppers getting their park early and then waiting patiently for ding-ding-ding....time to shop!

Now if you see a group of people "hanging" around the front entry doors don't think they are desperate for a bit of plonk so early in the morning (mind you in years gone by it may have been the hair of the dog for me on a few occasions I  must admit), there is also an indoor section called The Look.

Each week there seems to be something new and if you haven't heard or seen it, you really should take a Look!  One man I am absolutely head over heals for is Terry who is a Mayfair (that's London darling)  trained hair-stylist who LISTENS to what you want.  Yes ladies, he actually listens and doesn't give you what he thinks you want but will give you what you ask for!  Even better he does children's hair and I know for parents it's a god-send as many won't cause apparently kids wriggle around too much (which is what I thought was their right to do!).

They have other amazing things going on in this place.  Stunning candles from Nat, spiritual healing from The Power of the Soul, eco-friendly and hard to find ioniser-thingies from Norman and Barbara with her Butterfly collection (and honestly I believe she is probably an originator of THE butterfly effect cause when she's there magic tends to happen and it's busy busy busy)

And outside is no different.  From plants to Argentine street-food.  From Persian gourmet to singing bowls.  Amazing free range goodness and fair trade goodies.  This market has it all.  As the saying goes a picture says a thousand words so it's time for them to speak

(addicted to love hearts)

the only way to travel!

Japancakes ROCK

My favourite man in the universe.....Vince

nb: sadly since this was written my beautiful friend Vince passed and is now an angel who will be forever loved by anyone who had the pleasure of getting to know him. god speed my friend.  i will always miss you

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