Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Hornsby Adventures

As with my Gladesville's Pocket, I must preface "Hornsby Adventures" is a retrospective and given I have time on my hands, I might as well make use of it, pound the keyboards and share my story!

Hornsby.  A much maligned yet interesting public transport interchange.

As a Boarder, more importantly as SENIOR Boarder, we were allowed shopping afternoons where the objective would be to select the furthest boundary, "shop" (or in our case perhaps sneak a cigarette or two), wait until the last possible moment to jump back on the train, get off at our station and race madly to the dining room with the inevitable facetious apology to the Head Table and slink in to our seats and prepare for a meal of mush.

Having not been back to Hornsby since those days and with my infamous lack of direction a conundrum was thus presented and therefore needed to be tackled.  To public transport or not to public transport.

Now for those of you who aren't familiar with the 2095 post code, whilst it is indeed (in my humble opinion) heaven on earth, it's not the most user-friendly area for public transport to anywhere other than the much loved Manly Ferry ride to Circular Quay.

After much discussion a decision was made.  Drive in the hope that for once the "I know where I'm going" statement would be proven to be correct and against the odds it actually did!  Hooraaaay!

Navigating the Westfield carpark was another story entirely.

iPhone in hand, off we headed, with the first visual being the singularly most impressive fountain this Chick had seen in quite a while, beautifully surrounded by an incredible range of stalls ranging from Gozleme (to which the 2095'er must confess had never heard about let alone eaten...didn't take long to put that to rest and from first bite a total convert!) and a treasure trove of organic produce, old fashioned chutneys, home remedies and more.

Colleen the Chutney Queen

Mosswood Organics


creative angle

Who knew the love affair with their meat would begin but a short time later

Organic herbs to grow and enjoy

Beautiful product

Now the 2095'er knows there many changes and fantastic additions to this market since her original visit back in 2010 and there's a SERIOUSLY cool Hornsby Directory that contains some great photos!

I would also thoroughly recommend That Hornsby Blog & checking out Hornsby Markets on Facebook.

In the meantime this 2095'er really must diarise another visit to this organic haven

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