Monday, 20 May 2013

Gladesville's Pocket

Before I start, I have to let you know that the photos and descriptive words contained in this particular blog were from a time way back in 2010 which when the 2095 visited the 2111 post code area on cool winter's day.  And as such, there will be new additions I have not yet been able to capture on digi-film so please forgive OR why not get there and discover for yourselves! (hint hint)

Having not been in this particular region for well over 15 years, coupled with my famous lack of geographical direction, I managed to get lost not once, not twice but three times during which time quite a few expletives had been uttered not just by myself but by my companion!  Had I bothered to see if there was a ferry to this pocket of paradise I would have saved myself quite a bit of trouble and ear-ache.

But it's me and I didn't and as the Italians apparently say "what ya gonna do"

Upon arrival my immediate reaction was "oh! what a funny little place" with an immediate afterthought being "i never even knew about this school".  For, you see, I pride myself in thinking I know everything about every location and every school in every part of Sydney.

While not a complete fool (thought some may beg to differ and yes, there are times when I proudly wear the hat of stoopid), I must admit that on this particular occasion I conceded defeat, took it on the chin like a (wo)man and set exploring this "brave new world".

Opposite the school is a playing field and, & just like Gladys Kravitz I couldn't help myself.  I simply had to have a peek to see which schools were playing their Saturday sport.  And boy wasn't I elated to see my old school colours out there loud and proud....and playing rugby!  I knew that we (as in my school) were and always have been in to world domination in all areas of sport, but RUGBY?!

Don't get me wrong.  I have been a rugger-bugger for eternity but watching those girls running around and doing scrummages & line-outs, was almost too much for the 2095'er to handle.

Tradition states, it should be the girls standing on the side-lines, in whatever looks fantastic (no matter how cold a day it may be), cheering for a game about which they most likely have very little interest, and just waiting/hoping/praying for a glance or acknowledgement from one the boys all muddied and rugby-d up.

With that, I promptly turned around and continued to my original point of destination.  Couldn't quite work out what was going on initially I must confess.  But then it hit me:

Take a breath
Don't be in such a hurry
Just let yourself be part of the moment

once done, so began probably one of the most enjoyable days the 2095 chick had had in a long long while.

The Chick is well overdue for another jaunt to this little pocket of paradise and in all honesty looking at these photos, it really should be sooner rather than later

ps: what's really cool is that these photos were taken on an iphone and having graduated to an EOS1100D, these little babies are not half bad!

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