Sunday, 19 May 2013

Like many of you I am what could be deemed a market deamon.  Whether it be to browse or shop it makes no difference.  I felt I had died and gone to organic heaven when i found that my favourite market crew had another EIGHT locations in Sydney!

Naturally I had to go to each (which I did over quite a few weeks but when you're as determined, as I ....well...what can I say, I'm a Taurus!) and see what was the drum was for each of them and I am delighted to announce there was absolutely no disappointment in sight.

The crew in question are Organic Food Markets.

Each location seems to be magically in tune within it's specific area and while some aren't as busy as others, sometimes it's nice just to sit back in a quiet little corner, share a coffee with friends, have a chat with the producers and escape from it all.

I will be doing a blog per market to not only "share the love" but to show visually and by using the written (or in this case typed) word exactly WHY Organic Food Markets are playing an essential role in promoting sustainability, buy-Australian and in a world where we are dominated by rectangular objects containing many pixels, it's just nice to get back to old-fashioned one-on-one communication in the real world rather than cyberspace.

I previously made an entry on my Tumblr about Double Bay Markets, but as with many good things, this particular market has evolved and grown in to an absolute "must do" on Thursdays so will be given it's rightful place in a separate entry.

But for starters here's a recent OFM Ad which summarises where you can find them

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