Sunday, 19 May 2013

Orange Grove Organic Markets

Each Saturday Orange Grove Public School comes alive with the sound of organic food, hidden delights, entertainment and all round village-vibe which is something that Sydney so sorely requires.

Too often we are bound to the fibre-optics and tend to lose a sense of reality, so to be able to get to a place where people talk, share, laugh, shop and simply enjoy life and all it has to offer, is a blessing.

What impresses me about this particular market is that no matter what the weather the ever-faithful are there not only to satisfy their inner-organic-fix but probably most importantly to support local producers and as Henry (who is but one of the BHP'ers ....the quiet achievers) says "they expect us, they appreciate us, why wouldn't we be here".  A sentiment that should be echoed and deemed a mantra.

Whether it's a food trail you're after or simply taking time out to watch the kids have some fun riding the ponies, jumping on the castle or twirling away to the music, you would be hard pressed to NOT find at least one thing you fall in love with here.

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