Sunday, 19 May 2013

Thursdays @ Double Bay

Every Thursday it's a double ferry ride that's in store for 2095 girl to get to the 2028 postcode.  Therefore a double enjoyment of Sydney Harbour to enter the realms of what once was my stomping ground when fresh out of school, otherwise known as Double Bay.

In it's prime Double Bay was simply THE place to be.  Knox Street humming to the wee hours at the Cosmopolitan Centre, watching the Mr & Mrs Beautifuls do whatever it is that they do, seeing boarders stumbling from one pub to the next (specially after GPS Regatta!), wannabe's trying to be cool and not quite making it, underworld legends sharing a cigar and brandy and us fresh out of schoolers thinking we were incredibly hip happening and knowing it all!

Times changed and the Bay changed.  As a kids we would get all dressed up (patent leather shoes shining smartly, Sunday best clothes adorned) and go visit family friends who owned a house with it's own private jetty, meeting incredibly glamourous people (for one was an international model whose boyfriend at the time was The Electric Lounge Lizard or King of Cool) and generally running amok.

Sadly the cool factor slowly disappeared and in it's place remained what could only be deemed a sad shadow of its former self.  No more "Double Bay, Double Pay"

But as we know we live in world which is cyclical and thankfully, albeit slowly, the Bay is being boosted back to it's former glory with one of the prominent additions being Double Bay Organic Market.

And it's been an absolute delight to watch this market grow and develop and have stalls that fit in with it's surrounds.

First stop always is a coffee with the king of caffeine Ali

to be accompanied by a freshly baked French Torte

perhaps needing healthy kick (and remover of guilt) with some Common Ground Green Drink

before getting the surprise of my life seeing Ian taking his daughter on a ride around the streets

then coming back to hang out with some Vintage nuttiness with Linda

which is conveniently not far from Milne's white balsamic

just in time for lunch (low carb of course)

ending with a final flourish and purchasing some amazing grass feed beef from Jim

basket almost full and ready to replenish next week

Not sure where to go?

Guilfoyle Park, Bay Street Double Bay
Thursdays 8:30am - 2pm rain hail or shine!

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